First-Generation College Student

As we celebrate First-Generation College Student this week, let’s find out what our students feel about being the first generation going to college.

Mamadou Akerey Yafa – 21 years old – Mathematics Major – Gabon

“I feel good about it because it gives me opportunities. Even though my parents didn’t go to college, they do want benefits for us.” – Mamadou Akerey Yafa

Brianna Rios – 23 years old – Emergency Medical Services Major – Lake Charles, LA

“It helps my family realize and show them what I’m capable of.” – Brianna Rios

Cristiano Tisdale – 20 years old – Graphic Design Major – Oklahoma City, OK

“I’m proud of myself for doing something different than my family. Going to college and get a degree. I’m pretty proud of myself!” – Cristiano Tisdale

Sahara Zaman – 24 years old – Accounting Major – Oklahoma City, OK

“Achieve American dream of going to college and getting a good job, and also make my parents proud and support them throughout the way.” – Sahara Zaman

Josephine Littlecreek – 18 years old – Graphic Design Major – Oklahoma City, OK

“It’s excited because my parents told me that I needed to pursue better career than they had. I’m really exciting to be able to make them proud!” – Josephine Littlecreek