Find My iPhone app a real lifesaver

find my phoneI misplace just about everything — anything you can think of that has any importance at all, from my wallet and car keys, to old hand-held video game consoles I used to play when I was younger. Anything I can take out of my house, I can lose.

This is especially true with the most important device in my life: my cell phone.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve totally forgotten where I left my phone.

Fortunately, I’ve never had to buy a new iPhone, thanks to the free Find My iPhone App.

Whoever invented this is an absolute genius.

With the app, you log into your Apple account from another phone or from any computer, to pinpoint exactly where your phone is. The location is shown on a map.

I’ve had to use this at least five times since I started using an iPhone so I can tell you that it is an absolute lifesaver.

Once I acidentally threw my phone in with the garbage which was eventually taken out to the dumpster.

Using the Find My iPhone app, my coworkers and I were able to pinpoint my phone to the exact garbage bag.

There’s a good chance I would never have found my phone without the app.

Users also can elect to have the phone emit a noise, which is really handy when you’re digging through trash.

iPhones come with the app preloaded.

Android users have a similar type of service, so if you own a cell phone, you should be taking full advantage of this service.

It’s easily one of the most important apps you can have.

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