Films on Demand free, great for research

Films On Demand websiteStudents are not just limited to using books and articles from databases for research in the OCCC Library.

Films on Demand is another option the library offers, said Ann Marie Raia, Circulation and Reference librarian.

She said Films on Demand is a sort of academic Netflix with an online collection of more than 20,000 videos.

Raia said it operates similar to YouTube.

“It has all kinds of different educational videos that fit every discipline we have here at OCCC,” she said.

Students can conduct Films on Demand searches on the library’s webpage, Raia said.

“Any OCCC faculty, staff or students inside campus can use it without logging on,” she said. “When people use it from home, they just have to log on by using their Mine Online account.

“Students do not have to pay anything to access it.”

People use Films on Demand for variety purposes, Raia said.

“Professors have some specific films in there which they can use for their classes,” she said

“[Mostly,] students use it as kind of another way that supplements their learning, or maybe when they are strongly interested in particular topics. Most students use Films on Demand to search for required topics … .”

Systems and Reference Librarian Dana Tuley-Williams said the library got Films on Demand in 2010 after Psychology Professor Greg Parks asked librarians to take a look at the website.

“We thought it would be especially helpful with two groups of people: one, to students and faculty who use it to do online classes, and [also] for those who like to learn visually.”

Tuley-Williams said students will find Films on Demand very helpful. She said she will guide them to the site when she feels it will be beneficial.

“If students are looking for somethings in current events, they will be advised to find that in articles,” she said.

“For historical information, I’ll send them to books.

“If they are looking for a little summary, something that is quick and not very in-depth, … Films on Demand is very awesome.”

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