Film Institute ready for action

OCCC’s Oklahoma Film Institute is presenting OFI Cinema Clinics throughout the month of June this summer.

Gray Frederickson, artist in residence and instructor, said OFI originally began with Professor Rick Lippert in 1999 as a three week course of full immersion in the filmmaking process.

“It was the first time that any school in this part of the country offered a course on how to actually make a movie,” he said.

However, Frederickson said the course was recently re-designed as individual clinics to allow people to enter the specific areas of filmmaking that most interest them. This method has proven to be more effective as it requires less time and tuition, as well. And, as a result of the success, it is being repeated again this year.

Clinics are held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for three days in the Visual and Performing Arts Center. Thus far, clinics have included production June 7 through 9, script writing June 14 through 16, and directing June 21 through 23.

Frederickson said they’ve gone well despite some glitches with registration.

“The first one went pretty OK,” he said. “For my production class, we had a total of 11 people show up.

“Registration is a little tricky, though,” Frederickson said.

“People can’t seem to figure out how to sign up, so we’ve lost a lot of potential participants because of that.”

In fact, the cinematography clinic that was scheduled June 25 through 27 has been cancelled due to lack of participants, he said.

Yet, the last of the clinics this semester will be editing and is to take place June 28 through 30 in the college’s new state of the art Avid Editing Lab.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of non-linear editing on new Avid Media Composers, the standard in the cinema and commercial industry, Fredrickson

Tuition for each clinic is $300, and enrollment is necessary. Frederickson said registration is available online, by mail, and now even at the door.

“I tell people to just show up, and we’ll figure out a way to get them in,” he said. “And, so far, they have.”

For more information, contact OFI at 405-682-7847.

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