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Feature writing woes and a voice re-discovered

I found out the issue that I had in my earlier [1] blog.

The entire reason of my first real blog.

I wasn’t losing my voice, as I used to write in the way “they” wanted before.

I actually picked up a slightly wordy and prettier word style from Clay Randolph’s Magazine and Feature Writing class.

Here, I thought that I was getting in trouble for my voice poking through, but it turns out that I absorbed a bit too much from one class, and it worked its way into the way I write.

Good thing that my writing is still really good, but I just need to tone down my magazine writing and pick up news writing again.

I still think news writing is severely bland though when compared to professional feature writing.

Dammit Clay.

I respect you for what you do, and your abilities.

But dammit Clay, you turned me into a feature writer.

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