Failures are stepping stones

My new motto as a college student is: “failures are my stepping stones to success.”

I have realized that my gut reaction when I receive a bad grade is to give up, wallow in despair and moan about how  “I can’t do this,” when I should realize these small failures can be learning opportunities to build upon.

I made a bad grade on my first math exam. I am now motivated to do better for the second, which is coming up. It is almost a personal dare. I have to do better than I did before. It is a way to keep myself going, to keep reaching for better achievements.

Just keep moving forward.

When I have finally graduated, I will be able to look back on these bumps in my educational road as a propeller to inspire my future endeavors.

A motto for college and a motto for life, how much would my life improve if I use my failures as stepping stones instead of weights holding me down.

How much will I empower my children by being a living example of get up and try again? What doors will be opened for them and myself by this never quit attitude? What could we as a college accomplish if every student wore their battle scars proudly and learned from their mistakes?

The key is to not make the same mistake again, when you refuse to let failures be roadblocks, the possibilities for life are endless.

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