Facebook should be banned in class

To the Editor:

So, there I was sitting in class, trying to get an education, when the girl who had been sitting in front of me asks if she can use my notes to study for a test.

Why, you say, did she not have notes of her own? Was she not in the same class as I? Did she not hear the same lecture? The answer is…NO!!!

While I was busily attempting to inhale every bit of knowledge in order to learn something and to get a decent grade, she was reading her Face book and answering e-mail.


The guy sitting next to me was texting to my left, and another girl was blogging off to my right.

Perhaps that doesn’t seem bad to some people, but those are most likely the same ones who feel it’s their right to do social networking during class.

Are you so afraid of missing a thing that you would jeopardize your education, and mine?

I find it distracting when so much is going on around me while I am trying to concentrate on the subject at hand.

Maybe you don’t need the lecture, but I do!

I think it is extremely rude to be networking while a professor is speaking, and some of the professors will ask you to leave class, or even deduct a grade for doing so. I don’t blame them.

Why should they waste their time if you don’t want to listen to them? Why should I give you my notes if you don’t care to take your own?

Technology is everywhere these days, and it is a wonderful way to keep in touch, but not while driving or in class. Nothing is that important.

You’re paying for an education so pay attention, lest you be disappointed when you are told you can’t text while you ask the important question: “Do you want fries with that?”

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