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January 14, 2011 Commentary Print Print

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome back or to OCCC!

Just like clockwork, the wheels of time have brought us to a new year, a new semester, and changes in our lives.

Whether you are a brand new college student or a seasoned veteran, we hope you will avail yourselves of the many resources on campus that can help you be as successful as possible in your academic endeavors.


Sometimes, students arrive on campus with the attitude that success means knowing everything and doing everything independently.

While being a completely independent learner can be an asset, the belief that you can’t or shouldn’t ask for help when you need it is not.

We encourage you to explore the various learning labs, the library, Student Services offices, academic divisions, and even the college website.

Take advantage of every opportunity to learn what the people working in different offices do.

Get acquainted with your professors. They are real people who can be really helpful if you ask them for it.

Who better is there to explain something that you didn’t understand in class?

Above all, be open and receptive to the idea of learning.

Read. Think. Discuss.

Your experiences here with us will change you. We in Student Support Services are here to help you with your journey.

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