Endless bowl of noodles awaits diners

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When a man like me has a hunger, he does not want to cure it. He wants to destroy it, slay it. He wants to throw his hunger from the peak of Olympus and watch it scream as it hits every tree on the way down.

Ancient scrolls tell of a restaurant called Pho Hieu, in the province of Yukon, right across from Interurban on the Road of Reno. Pho Hieu holds the flail that will vanquish your hunger beast.

Pho Hieu serves sushi and pho. Pho (pronounced, “fuh”) is a Vietnamese soup made with slurpable rice noodles. It’s flavored with subtle herbs and loaded with beautiful meat.

The word “loaded” isn’t an exaggeration. Several of the pho varieties come in a small and large size. I weigh 230 pounds and I can barely handle the small.

You slurp your way through the noodles, stopping occasionally to munch on chicken or beef and just when you think you’ve finished, you realize there’s another mountain of noodles in the bottom of your bowl.

If you order the large, your server will bring you Lake Michigan in a small swimming pool. Bring your scuba gear and let your chopsticks swim through noodle nirvana. Unless you’re a tiger, you’ll never finish it. Don’t hurt yourself.

The portions are surprising since the prices are lower than the IQ of a typical John Legend fan. I’ve had a lot of soups from a lot of Asian restaurants and none of them set a brother up like Pho Hieu.

I don’t know how they turn a profit when they charge barely more than the cost of the ingredients, but I hope this place becomes a national, nay, an international chain. The world may then know peace.

I almost look forward to the next time I have a cold. It will give me an excuse to run down to Pho Hieu and bask in the sweet hot steam of the boiled noodles. My sniffles will be honorably defeated.

As far as service goes, try to let your drink’s surface level go down more than an inch. It won’t happen. The wait staff is watching your cup at all times and will not let you go thirsty. If you don’t try this place, then pho you. Pho Hieu is located at 11301 W Reno Ave.

Rating: A

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