Employed grads finding success

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Most OCCC graduates who have already entered the workforce are finding success, said Institutional Effectiveness Director Janet Perry.

Perry said those numbers are the result of an annual Graduate Supervisor Survey.

Perry said, this year, 92 supervisors were contacted. She said 77 percent, or 66 employers, responded.

Of those who responded, she said, 92 percent said the graduate’s performance was either excellent or good.

Those results are up from last year’s Graduate Supervisor Survey of 75.4 percent for excellent or good performance, Perry said.

She said, each year, after the results of a survey sent to OCCC graduates come in, the college then sends out a second survey to the supervisors of graduates in the workforce.

“The supervisor survey is sent to those supervisors that the graduate has been asked if they’re working in the field,” she said.

“If they’re working in the field in a related or somewhat related position, then we send that survey out.

“It doesn’t make a difference if they feel that it’s someway related or directly related. We will send it to that supervisor.

“And again the supervisor receives the name of that individual so they are actually evaluating that graduate from the program.”

Other results were calculated as well.

The top four performance ratings on a 5-point scale are teamwork topping the list with a 4.72 rating, reading with a 4.59, cultural diversity with a 4.55, and computer utilization coming in at a 4.5.

The lowest four performance ratings on a 5-point scale were negotiating at 4.28, conflict resolution with 4.22, consensus building at 4.21 and leadership at the bottom spot with a 4.17 rating.

One area did decline from last year, Perry said.

Supervisors were asked if they would hire another OCCC graduate if given the chance, she said.

That number decreased from 100 percent last year to 94 percent.

Still, Perry said, the numbers are positive.

“These are the types of numbers that we enjoy looking at and saying yes, we are doing a great job,” she said.

For more information about the survey results, call Perry at 405-682-1611, ext. 7213, or email jcperry@occc.edu.

See the survey at www.occc.edu/planning-research/survey/html.

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