Education best way to weather economic storms

The beginning of a new year always provides an opportunity to reflect on the past and anticipate what a new year may bring.

Last year will be remembered in Oklahoma for our historic election of our first female governor. It is no doubt that Gov. Mary Fallin will serve as an inspiration to women throughout our state.

As we move forward this year, it is reassuring to see the economy in Oklahoma recovering, albeit slowly. One of the lessons learned from the most recent recession is that those with more education were more likely to remain employed, or to become employed.

I commend our students for making the wise choice to continue their education. An education is something that cannot be taken away and is your best insurance to weather the ups and downs in the economy.


It is important to recognize that the slow recovery in state revenue will have a continued impact on resources at OCCC, a state-supported college.

Challenging times also bring an opportunity to examine what we do and to create innovative ways to continue to accomplish our mission. OCCC has often led the state with innovation in the delivery of instruction and services to students, even without an abundance of funding. This innovation comes not from financial resources, but from the intellectual resources of our faculty and staff.

I remain highly optimistic that OCCC will not only survive in the next few years, but we will continue to thrive.

As the election of Mary Fallin has reinforced the notions of hope and opportunity for women in Oklahoma, OCCC continues its commitment to provide hope and opportunity through education for all those who are willing to work for it.

Have a great Spring Semester at OCCC.

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