Don’t drink without BAC app nearby

August 15, 2014 Review Print Print

Nowadays, there’s an app for nearly everything. Whether it relates to food, friends or finding a hot date, there’s little that mobile applications can’t do.

Amazing as apps may appear, however, one app that most people would trade their grandmother’s good health for hasn’t been developed just yet — an app capable of bailing you out of jail.

However, after turning 21 a few months back, I’ve come to appreciate an app that does the next best thing: the blood-alcohol content calculator.

Whether you’re attempting to sober up or deciding if you should call a cab, the BAC calculator app can ease even the most nauseous stomachs.

While there are several BAC calculators featured on the App Store, the general function of each is to tell how drunk you currently are, how drunk you’re getting and how drunk you’ll inevitably be once those Vegas Bombs are gone — and, more importantly, when the safest time for you to operate a vehicle will be.

Each app has different options depending on which one you download, but most feature a calculator that allows you to input how many drinks you’ve had along with each drink’s alcohol content.

The fancier BAC calculator apps feature collections of popular drinks for users to search through, along with height, weight and gender options.

For instance, if a person just ordered a Long Island iced tea, the BAC calculator can determine approximate blood-alcohol levels and provide increased estimations as time progresses based on the person’s inputted information.

The tricky thing about BAC calculator apps is they’re only approximations — meaning, you’re probably far more intoxicated if your blood-alcohol levels are already high by the app’s standards.

While BAC calculators are only phone apps making an educated guess, they can potentially prevent a bad decision.

For an app dedicated to preventing drinking and driving — and legal fees — the BAC calculator is a must-have for any logical college student who’s smart about having fun.

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