Disdain for: Philistines – Grant Swalwell

In a political awakening the divide between right and left hath collapsed for me. Long have I struggled to connect and reason with progressives my age, but they live in university bubbles where they circlejerk their hate speech and practice sadomasochistic white guilt ceremonies and privilege checking eams.

No longer do I need to try and reconcile my beliefs with theirs. Nor do I feel the need to prove anything to them. When a literal hate preacher tells me I’m bound for hell I don’t care, just like I’ve learned not to care when a middle class white girl in a humanities or social science program accuses me of misogyny or not being a true ally to people of color, their preferred term for minorities.

Never mind that referring to a multitude of ethnic groups as the monolithic people of color is belittling but I thought we stopped using the term colored people some time ago. The left/right spectrum forms a horseshoe not a line, on either end at the top you have evangelicals and social justice warriors. Both groups are worth ignoring, their is no debating or discussing with them. You either submit to their thinking or are literally Hitler and or the antichrist.

We have a generation of people on one side who think gays getting married is oppressing their religion, and children who need safe spaces because words do hurt. We live in the age of the trigger warning and micro aggression, beware those who treat people based on their actions and not their labels, doing so can incite tantrums across campuses nationwide.

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