Digimon makes Netflix debut

So recently the magnificent Netflix has done it again. They have outdone themselves. They have made available one of my favorite shows from when I was a little kid — ”Digimon.”

When I first saw “Digimon” was in the Netflix lineup, I could barely believe it. It was almost like I was 9- years-old again, and would come home every day from school, and sit and watch the digidestined as they are called on the show every Monday through Friday.

With today’s technology you can sit and binge watch any show within a matter of days but the one thing that I have noticed is some childrens’ shows make some jokes that kids may not get but the parents sitting with them would. Being an adult or somewhat of one i’ve started to pick up on it.

The feeling that I got from rewatching “Digimon” just sent me back and made me start to relive my childhood which, let’s face it, who wouldn’t love to go back to the days where your biggest worry was getting home in time to watch your favorite TV show or getting the last snack pack.

If you have never watched “Digimon,” it’s about seven kids who go to summer camp. In the middle of the camp it starts to snow and then, a void opens up and shoots out these little digivices that then suck the kids up into it where they are instantly teleported to the digital world.

There they meet their digimon and start the adventure to save the digital world.

It really is a decent cartoon. If you like to watch animé or cartoons, you should give it a try. It’s a great show to teach kids about coming together and working as a group.

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