DIABLOG: A venture into Minecraft

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So I play around with Minecraft on my friend’s server, helping him build stuff so he can let other people play on it.

He gave his brother and I GM powers, so we could build anywhere, which has led to some really cool stuff, but then I did something so remarkably stupid that I have to tell you about it.

His brother, whom I will call Ty, was building a tower out in the middle of the ocean and got it really big.

It was also hollow when he was making it.

I had the bright idea to have him turn the tower into TNT blocks, which he then proceeded to do. I only did this because we needed to get rid of the tower.

The problem, is that he used a tool that turned everything in the area that he marks to whatever he wants, which turned a hollow tower about 30-blocks high into solid TNT.

I didn’t know that he filled the tower with TNT and because of that, I lit one.

The resulting chain of explosions actually crashed the minecraft server.

It actually used all 512 megabytes of ram to process the chain, which caused it to go down twice.

After the second reboot, and the TNT was still exploding, I managed to remove all the TNT. There were more than 17,000 blocks of it. I feel like an idiot, as did Ty.

His brother was understandably upset.

We aren’t allowed to use TNT anymore.

I agree fully.

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