Consider everyone involved when making decisions

April 17, 2013 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff Print Print

Decision making, chances and opportunities seem to approach people every day but when do we take these chances and how do we know if they are right for us or for those around us?

You may ask why I say “us or those around us.”

I mean we should always base choices on what makes US as individuals happy right? Wrong. Well, partially wrong. Here is why: as adults, our choices or lack of choices affect our family, whether it’s our children, husband, wife or parent. More importantly, however, it will affect the the person living with you more than it can possibly affect anybody else.

I am not saying to do what makes others happy. More than anything I am saying that sometimes when we make choices, we need to keep the important people to us in our thoughts while making these choices. However, always make sure you are still doing what makes you happy.

All this may sound like confusion to you but in all honesty, it is really much simpler than it seems.

As individuals we want to do what makes us happy but when you have others depending on you, it necessary that we do what makes them happy too.

I guess what I am trying to say is to come to a compromise with this important person to you. I am saying that decision making, chances and opportunities need to be confronted by you and that other special person.

If you have children than it should be confronted by you or you and the father/mother based on the childrens needs and future. My piece of advice is when it comes to decision making, chances and opportunities, in order to live a peaceful and happy life with ourselves and others, we must consider them too.

I always keep my husband in my thoughts when I make important choices and our relationship has worked just fine. When I lived with my parents, I always kept them in mind and it made our relationship stronger because they believed in me and were happy with my choices. Therefore, I was happy with myself. In conclusion, we depend on other people’s happiness.

Not considering these people’s happiness in our choices will lead to us living a very gloomy and sad life.

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