Colossal Waste of Money – Grant Swalwell
A picture of a large amount of money inside of a trashcan.
Photo by Rendeeplumia

Whoever had the bright idea of teaming up with a bunch of sketchy publishers to make students pay for 15 different crappier versions of Moodle as supplemental material should not be allowed near taxpayer money, students or sharp objects/corners.

Along with Success and College and Life class, this software that does not count 1/4 and 0.25 as being equal make students laugh (at the school) and be angry (at the school).

These access codes are an industry response to students trying to evade the publisher monopolies by getting online or open source textbooks, so of course, they now force even more down our throats.

The professors I’ve had — and ones I’ve heard of anecdotally — almost universally use it to turn in pre-made assignments for the class with all the answers online.

I’ve had professors admit they haven’t even looked at them. Never have I seen one of these programs do something Moodle cannot do as well or better — and that is a low, low bar to hurdle over.

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