College leader welcomes all students

The Fall Semester signals the beginning of a new academic year. To those returning students — welcome back. To our new students — let me be one of the first to welcome you to OCCC.

Your choice to further your education and earn a college degree is one of the most powerful and life-changing decisions you will ever make.

A college degree has never been as important for your financial security as it is today. The average income of a college graduate is now projected to be 84 percent higher than those without a college degree. Good jobs that require only a high school diploma are dwindling, while job opportunities that require an associate degree or higher continue to increase.

While future jobs and potential income are very important, there are other non-tangible benefits. College is also about stimulating your mind, expanding your capacity to intelligently participate in our democracy, and learning more about yourself and the world. Simply put — college will make you a smarter, better informed, and more successful in life.

Whether you are here to eventually transfer to another college, get the education to begin a new career, or just to learn something new, the faculty and staff at OCCC are dedicated to provide you with the support and education necessary to see your dream of a college education come true.

On behalf of everyone here — welcome and have a great Fall Semester at OCCC.

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