College Democrats active club, leader says

OCCC’s College Democrats took politics from theory into practice this semester.

In October former president of the College Democrats, Kenneth Meador, ran for State Senate on the Democratic Party ticket for district 43. He lost in a special election on Oct. 11, but won nearly 40 percent of the total vote.

Since Oklahoma is widely known as a Republican state, when Meador ran, no one thought he had a fighting chance, said Javier Mabrey, current president of the College Democrats, who served as Meador’s deputy field director during his campaign.

Mabrey said the race was a toss-up to the very end. In his mind, it was about as close to a victory as one could get.

Mabrey said this campaign really helped him as far as experience goes, toward his goal of going to law school.


Mabrey is a political science major who plans to graduate in the spring. He said he and other members of the College Democrats continue to keep this club one of the most active clubs on campus.

Mabrey said the College Democrats’ ideals are mainly inspired by the belief that government should be helping the middle class and working class more than the wealthy classes.

The College Democrats promote many different drives and seminars for students at OCCC, such as voter registration.

When that time of the year comes around, the College Democrats will help to set up booths around campus for people to register to vote.

They also will work for Democratic candidates.

Mabrey also said the club plans to hold an “Obamacare” seminar.

“This seminar is to basically help people to a better understanding of what Obamacare is all about,” Mabrey said.

The College Democrats also plan on attending Occupy OKC, a small spin-off of the current Occupy Wall Street, which is being held at Kerr Park in Oklahoma City.

Mabrey said he wants the College Democrats to “have solidarity with the people of Occupy OKC and to know that we are there for them and supporting them.”

They plan to bring food and drinks to the people protesting and also picket along with the protestors in an effort to help with the “Occupy Together” movement being held across the U.S., and specifically Occupy OKC, to show the 99 percent of Americans who are taking action against the 1 percent of “greedy” Americans.

For more information, contact Javier Mabrey at 405-212-7058.

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