College considering job-shadowing program

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A job-shadowing program may be offered to OCCC students as early as the spring semester, said Jill Lindblad, director of Graduation, Employment and Transfer Services.

Her office plans to help OCCC students prepare for the future by getting them on-site and in the presence of professionals in their field, she said In a Brown Bag luncheon event Oct. 30.

As of right now, the job-shadowing experience is still pending while the office contacts different companies to find out who might be interested.

Lindblad is looking into what types of occupations and companies students are interested in shadowing, so suggestions are welcome.

This type of first-hand experience will be helpful to students interested in going into a specific field because it will give them a glimpse at what a day in the life of a professional of that field is actually like.

This type of program can aid students who have not yet decided on their career by giving them a chance to picture themselves in a future profession.

An OCCC student, Brenden Wiley thinks job shadowing would be a great opportunity. He is majoring in Spanish and planning to become a teacher.

“You don’t really know what a job is like until you experience it firsthand,” Wiley said. “This will be great for OCCC. It’s definitely something I would try if I got the chance”

The G.E.T. office was just established this past August with the goal of helping students “to graduation and beyond,” Lindblad said.

For more information, contact the Graduation, Employment and Transfer office at 405-682-7519 or pay them a visit. They’re located directly behind the Records desk and across the hall from Academic Advising.

The G.E.T. website is still under construction, Lindblad said.

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