Child center showcases its young artists

Photo Courtesy Kitty Burton
Emily, 5, poses with a painting she created of herself and best friend Avery. Along with the painting, Emily also had a popsicle stick figure she created of herself and a wooden house on display at the Family and Community Education Center’s annual art show.

A smiling pink face with wide blue eyes, bushy green eyebrows and a wide, yellow-toothed grin greeted visitors to the Family and Community Education Center as they arrived for the annual children’s art show April 23.

The show, which featured art from almost 100 children currently enrolled in the FACE center’s child development program, is held every year for National Week of the Young Child, said Lab Supervisor Lee Ann Townsend.

Townsend said the center’s children, who range in age from 9 months to 5 years, each created at least two pieces specifically for the art show.

Some used glitter and pompons to make their masterpieces, while others preferred more traditional mediums of paint and crayons.

Chris James/Pioneer
Melissa Dyer, OCCC coordinator of cooperative alliance programs, admires her daughter’s artwork at the Child Development Center and Lab School’s artshow on April 23.

“The kids love it,” Townsend said. “We always have a pretty good turnout.”

The show also featured a silent auction, allowing parents and community members to bid on their favorite works of art while raising money for school activity funds.

However, one artist felt her piece should have been offered for a flat price instead.

“I drew a picture with paint,” said Alex, 5. “It should sell for $10.”

Alex said she also enjoyed looking at the drawings her classmates created.

“I saw Kate’s,” she said, raising her fingers in excitement. “It was pretty like flowers.”

Chris, 4, said he was proud of the blue pickup truck he drew. “I’m an artist,” he said. “Artists paint and draw. I liked the art show.”

Lisa Hurtt, mother of Trey, 5, was first in line to see her son’s art.

“He loves art,” she said. “He was very excited to have his art featured here.”

She said she didn’t know if her son would grow up to be a professional artist, but she hopes he won’t lose his appreciation for art as he grows older.

Trey’s grandmother Linda Hurtt also arrived early to see her grandson’s work on display.

“I think it’s fabulous that they do things like this,” Hurtt said. “It’s interesting to see what the kids do.”

Jerry Steward, executive vice president said he enjoyed viewing the children’s art.

“It is delightful to see the creativity in people so young,” Steward said. “It’s a testament not only to the creativity of the young people, but the quality of the staff here.”

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