CDCLS secretary retires after half a decade

File Photo/Pioneer
Anita Carson

After spending almost six years at OCCC, Child Development and Lab School Secretary Anita Carson retired July 15.

“Anita will be greatly missed,” said Mary McCoy, Child Development and Lab School director.

“She did wonderful things for us.”

Carson was a director for childcare for six years prior to becoming a temporary clerk under McCoy in May 2005.

In October 2005, Carson became a full-time employee at the center.

“It’s very possible to move up in certain departments at this college,” Carson said.

“I love the college. The teachers and staff are wonderful to work with, it’s just my time to leave.”

After working for nearly 30 years in childcare, Carson chose to retire at the age of 62.

Center student Isabella, 3, said she will miss Carson.

“She’s nice, I don’t want her to leave.”

McCoy said Carson trained a substitute last week.

“Unfortunately, there is no time to waste,” McCoy said.


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