Beef with food stamps for drive-thrus

Fast food restaurants have recently expressed their desire to have a part in the federal food stamps program.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) created the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in May 1939 because low-income people needed a way to buy food.

Food stamps are paid for by the federal funds, but states and even local governments have the last say in how they are used.

Until recently, food stamps were used only for groceries at food stores, at gas stations, dollar stores and pharmacies.

Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan have seized state governing options by the reins and are allowing citizens to use food stamps at fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut and KFC.

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Political war of words doesn’t benefit citizens

House Speaker John Boehner has dissed the President of the United States again.

For those who are unaware, President Barack Obama wanted to make a speech before the joint session of Congress to unveil his new economic plan in regards to creating more jobs.

Obama sent a message to House Speaker Boehner in regards to a speech Obama wanted to originally make Sept. 7, but was rescheduled for Sept. 8.

Boehner and his office were noted as saying the denial of the president’s request to speak on Sept. 7 was because he did not want the speech to interfere with the GOP debate, which was scheduled for the same day.

This type of “political dissing” is leading many to ponder a number of questions in regards to these types of issues.

Would Boehner have done this to any other president?

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We must adapt to the ‘Arab Spring’

Over the past several months, the world has watched with growing excitement and respect as the citizens of several Middle Eastern and African dictatorships have risen up and thrown off their oppressors in the name of freedom and equality.

Collectively known as the ‘Arab Spring’ by various media sources, this new wave of democracy and those struggling to obtain democracy, heralds the possibility of a major shift in world power.

If this change holds, and there’s little reason to believe it won’t, the Middle East will be stable and self-governed for the first time in centuries. And they have a major economic hold on the rest of the world. For decades, the United States, the European Union, Russia, every country that springs to the average American’s mind when one says “western culture” have been steadily declining.

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Libyan revolution not without great amount of doubt

After decades of living under oppressive dictatorships, the Middle East has recently experienced a revolutionary uprising as citizens stake their rightful claim to democracy.

While this writer is hopeful for the futures of Libya and other Arab countries, she is also doubtful.

As of this writing, Libya’s former autocratic ruler Moammar Gadhafi is in hiding.

Libyan rebels have offered members of the dictator’s entourage a $1.5 million reward for capturing or killing Gadhafi.

The triumphant fall of one of the world’s most reviled leaders — at the hands of his own oppressed people, no less — is a victory for democracy everywhere.

Now, the question is: how long will it last?

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View from the President’s Office

The snow storms and bitterly cold temperatures that we experienced early in the semester are difficult to imagine now that the weather is warm and sunny, enrollment is under way for the summer and fall semesters, and commencement will be held in just a few weeks. Time does go on.

It also would appear that the financial meltdown we experienced over two years ago is now beginning to show signs of recovery — more jobs being created and fewer people unemployed.

However, without federal stimulus funds and a depleted state rainy day fund, the full impact of the historic downturn in the economy will now be realized here in Oklahoma as we plan for the next year’s budget, which begins on July 1, 2011.

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Everyone loses with NFL lockout

If you’ve watched ESPN for any amount of time during the past couple of months, you know there are questions regarding the upcoming NFL season.

Will it be played on time? Will there be a season at all? Will the owners use replacement players if an agreement cannot be reached in time?

Instead of finding answers for these questions, the NFL owners and players have engaged in a full-blown media war to solve the problems.

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