Satanist group has every right to book Civic Center

On Monday, an organization claiming to be “the only legal satanic church” in Oklahoma announced it will host an 80-person gathering at the Civic Center Music Hall later this year.

The group, called the Church of the IV Majesties, claims the gathering will include “the first ever satanic ritual that will [include] a satanic exorcism.”

On the church’s website, located at, the group invites interested parties to “come witness Satan with his balls firmly attached, bitchslap all the oppressive right-hand Gods in the face one by one!”

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How low will he go?

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama sparked outrage among many citizens and further incensed his critics when he greeted Japanese Emperor Akihito with a firm handshake… and a deep bow?

Some have labeled Obama’s bow as one of cultural understanding, but I respectfully disagree. As a longtime studier of Japan and its culture, I know for a fact that such a low bow is not one of equality, but rather one of docility: of submission towards a stronger, more powerful being. The last image our country needs right now is that of a weak-looking president, and Obama unintentionally played the part.

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