Students will have new nursing labs this fall

Students in the nursing program this fall will be able to practice their assessment and other skills in three new nursing labs.

The labs are located on the first floor in the Health Professions Center, said Assistant Nursing Program Director Deborah Myers.

Myers said in the past the faculty had to pair the nursing students and juggle the lab time in a single classroom.

The new labs would ensure the students get the experience they need, she said.

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OCCC to launch new emergency message system

If a gunman is loose on campus this fall or if a fire consumes the Biology Lab, students and employees won’t have to turn on the news to find out the latest.

Instead, they will get an instant text message, e-mail and a Facebook wall post — if they sign up for the new OCCC alert notification feature to be unveiled by August.

The software, produced by the company Regroup, will allow OCCC to instantaneously communicate with students and employees via several different mediums, said John Richardson, Online Marketing coordinator.

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Two college staff members’ legislative push brings emergency services problems to the forefront

A bill written by two OCCC staff members to address problems in Oklahoma’s emergency services was passed and put into effect June 6.

House Bill 1888 requires local governments to take a serious look at the state of Emergency Medical Services, said Rodney Johnson, Health Professions lab assistant and bill co-author.

“EMS is in a state of collapse right now,” Johnson said. “It is the number one health threat that no one ever heard about.”

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College for Kids students perform

About 30 sixth through eighth grader sharpened their dancing and singing skills this week as they prepared for today’s performance of “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

The students of Musical Theatre Academy, a College for Kids class, will perform a full musical production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” at 3 p.m. today.

Because it is set in the 1920’s, Manning said, “Thoroughly Modern Millie” teaches the students social studies and civics.

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EMS enrollment continues to rise, director says

Enrollment rates for OCCC’s Emergency Medical Sciences program are expected to surge this year, said Leaugeay Barnes, EMS program director.

Barnes said the economy and program reputation is driving the wave of enrolling students in the Basic Emergency Medical Technician program up 30 percent over the 2009-2010 academic year.

The program had 180 students combined in both fall and spring 2009-2010.

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OCCC completes irrigation system installation

Just in time for near-100 degree heat, OCCC completed installation last week of a new irrigation system that is intended to bring more eye appeal to the campus, said Gary Phillips, Building and Campus Services supervisor.

Phillips said the irrigation system would water the landscape, trees and sod.10

He said the system, which is made up of underground tubing and sprinkler watering systems, would be set on a timer.

The cost of the irrigation system was $6,208, Phillips said.

He said the money for the system came from campus improvement funds.

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Main Building entry closed through tonight

Students who use the college’s Main Building doors between the Keith Leftwich Memorial Library and the Welcome Desk will have to find other ways to get inside the building Monday, said Chris Snow, Facilities Management assistant director.

Snow said Facilities Management will be tearing up and fixing the outside sidewalk area beginning today, until late Monday evening.

The sidewalk is a danger to all who use it, Snow said.

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Online advising now available

Students who want help choosing classes can now chat with an adviser without coming to the college thanks to a new online distance advising portal, said Academic Adviser Sara McElroy.

The virtual program, which began July 6, works as a chatroom on OCCC’s website, where students can webchat with an adviser to prepare for next semester’s classes.

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