Xbox One brings impressive new features to gaming

Previously I took to our review columns to express my love and also hatred for my Xbox 360. On my birthday in April, with my loving family members’ help, we retired said Xbox 360 and replaced it with a brand new Xbox One.

I was beyond excited, as bringing in this new console meant I would be replacing my barely working, loudly whirring pile of junk with a potentially quiet, properly running machine.

As I unboxed my $350 purchase, I became giddy. Finally I would be able to watch Netflix properly, have access to any game owned for that system and enjoy my down time once again. I’ve had the Xbox One for about three weeks now, and while some slight technical issues have arisen, overall, I am impressed.

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Renowned dancers host master class

College students explored modern forms of dance with the help of renowned dancers in a workshop on campus, April 20. Performers from Pilobolus dance theater visited OCCC’s Visual and Performing Arts Center, working with 18 students in a master class.

Pilobolus is a dance company that specializes in contorting their bodies into various shapes and movements. Shawn Ahern, Pilobolus dancer, said the group has been performing since 1971.

The founders were Dartmouth College students who formed initially just focusing on body movements, then simply calling it dance, Ahern said. The dance group still uses many of the same movements that were created over 40 years ago, he said.

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