Campus to close for two weeks over break

December 11, 2014 Latest Print Print

OCCC will be closed for the holidays longer than usual this year, according to an email sent by President Paul Sechrist.

The campus will close for two full weeks, from Dec. 20 through Jan. 4.

Students needing updated transcripts showing fall semester grades have two days to get them before the buildings shut down.

Transcripts will become available on Thursday, Dec. 18, said Leandra Bessinger, registration services assistant.

Transcripts can be picked up at the registration desk, found near the Main Building coffee shop. Students can receive up to five free transcripts per semester.

OCCC will reopen for regular hours for enrollment and intersession operations beginning Monday, Jan. 5.

All buildings will be closed to students, faculty and staff starting Saturday, Dec. 20, through Sunday, Jan. 4, according to OCCC’s 2014 Winter Operational Hours.

“If an employee needed to go to their office during the break, they would need to have a police escort,” said Police Chief James Fitzpatrick. He said they would have a short amount of time to gather their things, about a minute.

Closing the building saves operating costs.

“[This will be] an opportunity to save on utilities and security, facilities, and technology personnel that are essential whenever the campuses are open,” according to a 2013 email forwarded by Facilities Management Director Chris Snow.

Snow sent the email on Dec.11 with an attached document with President Sechrist’s reminder from 2013 that closing the buildings saves money.

“If people are not here using the lights or computers, that alone would save a lot of money,” said Kayla Cockerham, secretary of the Executive Vise President.

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