Campus police have better things to do than bust smokers

March 9, 2012 Letters to the Editor Print Print

To the Editor:

(This letter is ) in reply to the letter “Are smoking laws enforced?”

When I was in high school, I was accused of smoking by another student who was caught by a teacher.

After I was told who the student was, I was able to leave the principal’s office and I confronted the student who accused me.

The student said he thought he had seen me and apologized for the accusation.

I told him it was not about whether I was smoking or not but what gave him the idea for telling on someone for something so trivial?

The letter writer emphasizes the use of non-smoking signs and that the OCCC police need to enforce the law.

Using that same logic, would the writer email the police for every speeder when there are speed limit signs also on the road?

Making sure the campus stays safe should be the first priority of the OCCC police. Sneaking around trying to catch people smoking is not.

In high school, I can understand this to an extent, but at an adult college it has no place.

If the smokers get caught, they are old enough to suffer the consequences.

I would worry more about listening to the professor in the writer’s class than people who are smoking outside a window.

—Damon Brewer

OCCC Student



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