Budget themed Brown Bag up next on menu

Budge over for budgeting.

Student Life will be hosting a Brown Bag at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17 in CU1.

Student Life Assistant Director Amy Reynolds said the session’s theme will be budgeting.

Melissa Crawford, outreach coordinator for Oklahoma Money Matters, is scheduled to present for about an hour on the topic.

Subject matters to be discussed include basic financial strategies, especially geared towards college students.

“They always seem to be stretched for money,” Reynolds said. “If you are working, supporting a family, going to school and paying for tuition, it can get really expensive.”

Other subject matters to be discussed include specifically why it’s important to budget, how to create an efficient budget and how to stick to and manage a budget.

Reynolds said this will be Crawford’s second time on campus this semester.

“She was previously here in early March presenting another Brown Bag on smart credit,” Reynolds said.

“She is very informative and knows her stuff, but she tries to get the crowd to interact, as well.

“So, she will probably be bringing some sort of activity to get students to really take the information and be able to put it into practice.”

Reynolds said students are asked to bring their own lunch, however refreshments will be provided.

She said students will also have access to additional resources that will further educate them on the topic.

For more information on this Brown Bag or others, call Student Life at 405-682-7523, or visit www.occc.edu/studentlife.

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