Borderlands 2 character not impressive

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Diablog time!

It’s not about Diablo 3 though, but I find the name catchy.

I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 over the last few days with my friend Chris, who convinced me to get the game in the first place.

I wasn’t really planning on getting the game, but seeing as I’ve got a nasty case of depression, I need things to do to keep me occupied. I only had to pay 50 dollars on that day, but at a lossof several games in the trade.

Luckily I didn’t play those games at all since I beat them before. My A.D.D. won’t let me play things more than once usually.

Sometimes it won’t let me play some games at all.

Back to Borderlands.

Handsome Jack annoys the hell out of me.

He’s needlessly cruel, for one. He is also a liar and an even bigger ass than claptrap, though he does have some funny moments.

Butt Stallion being one of them.

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