Blazin’ challenge not for the weak

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BWWI find myself to be a man with a taste for spicy foods — at least more so than the average person. That always seems to be disproven when I am out with friends however, because when we all challenge ourselves to spicy foods, I am the first to bow out.

This all started when I visited the popular restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings with my friend Andrew in 2013, and he dared me to try their Blazin’ Wings, the hottest on the menu.

My initial thought was that I would conquer it easily. Andrew encouraged me that we would need pitchers upon pitchers of water to complete the task.

We were not even attempting the Blazin’ Wings challenge, a feat which I am still confused as to what it entails exactly.

We were simply eating an order of 10 Blazin’ wings in any amount of time.

When the order arrived at our table, I stared down at my enemy. I was not intimidated — yet.

I took my first bite, and was overwhelmed by the taste of generic hot sauce, which is not a particularly appetizing flavor to be overwhelmed by. The burn, however, was minimal.

I thought to myself how minimal the burn was. Being the cocky youngster I am, I quickly piled three more down the hatch. Only then did the slow burn begin to catch up with me. And boy did it catch up.

Very quickly I began to suffer intensely. The water did very little to aid in my suffering either.

By the time I could no longer continue to eat due to profuse sweating and my acid reflux threatening to add further consequences beyond what Tums could solve, I had finished a whopping five of my 10 wings.

Unless you feel a need to challenge yourself, I would not recommend these wings at all. Try mango habanero instead, for a very spicy alternative that actually includes a delicious flavor as well.

However, against my better judgment, I decided it was time to again challenge myself to the Blazin’ Wings.

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Rating: C-

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