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Black a classic color that will never fade

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There are a great many uses of color in our world. Our eyes use it to distinguish outlines and form, artists use it to express emotion, clothiers use it to enhance the appearance of the various styles and outfits they create. And while all colors are useful, and have a place and time, perhaps the most versatile is black.

The old fashion saying that black goes with anything is incredibly accurate. A splash of black in a garden, using pavers or paint, highlights bright flowers, or delineates the borders clearly. Using it in mobiles or getting a black gazing ball adds just that hint of elegance that can elevate a garden. Black gravel and sand used to create a Zen garden adds a hint of mystery to a peaceful meditation spot.

Used indoors, black can create relief for the eyes in a brightly colored room, drawing the eye from oasis to oasis and calling attention to various points. Slipcovers or table cloths in black can bring disparate furniture together for those on a budget. They’ll also match more readily and have less chance of clashing as they fade than printed patterns, or bright colors.


For clothing, black is fantastic for everything from a full outfit, to just a few accents. Black head to toe can give an impression of neatness and professionalism, even if it’s jeans and a polo. It’s a bit easier to hide stains in most black fabrics, making it a good choice for those who might be working with materials that can stain. It’s supposedly slimming, though I’ve yet to see firm evidence of that. Accents, such as jewelry, watches, bandanas and so on, are easier to use when black, since they swap and mix with nearly any outfit.

Black has found its way into so many aspect of our lives. It’s the color we write and print in most commonly, making it the primary color of our language. It denotes authority and power, being the color of many police cars, the color associated with the Secret Service, the color of SWAT officers in action.

It’s also the color of rebellion, of leather, and motorcycles, or tattoo outlines, and metal band t-shirts. It’s the color of night, and sleep, and can mean peace.

No matter what the fashionistas might claim, black is the new black. Also the old black, and the current black. Accept no substitutes.

Rating: A

– Jeremy Cloud

Community Writer

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