Pathways students learn valuable lessons

Oklahoma City Barons staff taught students more than just ice hockey when Pathways Middle College High School students attended a game this semester.

On Nov. 13 students attending Pathways took a day to watch the Oklahoma City Barons play the Toronto Marlies.

Although the game started at 10:35 a.m., the student yearbook staff from Pathways arrived about 8 a.m. at the Cox Convention Center, where the OKC Barons play. The yearbook staff was able to learn about the media aspect of the Barons team.


The students were able to learn about how the Barons media team gets the word out about the games. Another tip Pathways students learned is how players and media staff do advertising.

After the students arrived at the Cox Convention Center on Tuesday, they met with Chris Haley, who was in charge of seating the students at the game and allowed the students to come to the center early. Their first stop was in the production room.

While in this room, Chris Wescott, digital media content specialist, showed them where and how they relay things to the big screen inside the ice rink.

For example, when there are advertisements shown on the big screen, Wescott designs them on the computer first. Then it is transferred to the big screen.

The spot where Wescott does all of his magic for the Barons intrigued the students: his computer, the sound equipment, everything in his digital media space.

Ivan Flores, a junior at Pathways, said his favorite part of the tour was seeing the video control of the game. He said that it was “cool” and nothing like he had ever seen before.

The next part of their tour was inside the arena where the ice rink is. Students saw one of the current Barons players working his hockey stick.

Wescott pointed out the big screen above the ice and noted that this displayed everything that happened in the production room.

When one of the Barons staff asked if any of the students had ever been to a Barons game, only a handful of students raised their hands.

Flores said the most important thing he learned was how much behind-the-scenes work goes into the video presentation during a hockey game.

“Today, I learned to be very prepared for an event, never leave things until the last minute. And to always plan ahead,” Flores said.

Pathways Middle College High School is housed on the OCCC campus. Although it is not exactly the traditional high school one might think of, they do take part in a few of the same activities other high schools do.

At the game Nov. 13, Haley said, about 2,000 middle school and high school students would be attending the event as guests of the Barons.

Pathways Principal Carol Brogan said because Pathways does not have sporting events, or extracurricular activities typical of other public schools, this is a way for students to have some fun during their school time.

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