Professor introduces students to art therapy

Doing simple but creative art can alleviate everyday pain and stress, said Dr. Jennifer Allen, professor of psychology and art therapy at OCCC.

She gave a presentation on art therapy April 7 to an audience of 30 college students in the college union where she explained what exactly art therapy is.

“Art therapy is the power of healing through art,” Allen said.  “If you think about art therapy in a sense, in really simple form, it’s a form of therapy that utilizes the creative process of art-making to improve health and well being.”

Allen comes from a background of helping children, generally with Attention Deficit Disorder or other problems focusing. One activity for the children is to color on a circular pattern of shapes and figures known as a Mandela that was created by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, a student of world-famous psychologist Sigmund Freud.

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Emergency Medical Science students train with state of the art equipment

OCCC has some of the most up-to-date training equipment for students in Emergency Medical Sciences, Director Ron Feller said. The department has mannequins that act like humans in many ways.

“Students work with different kinds of mannequins,” he said. “The high-fidelity mannequins can vomit  and the tongue can swell.”

Students can hook up the mannequin to an IV and give it medicine and the computer screen shows what kind of effects the meds would have on a person.

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Students prepare to say goodbye to class, cadavers

The following story is the final part of a three-part series on OCCC’s Human Anatomy course where students are working with human cadavers. Part one of the series ran in the Jan. 30 issue of the Pioneer. Part two ran in the March 13 issue.

With only nine days left inthe semester, Jordan Garner said she still doesn’t know if she will pass BIO 2255.

“I won’t know until after the final,” she said.

Garner said the course, where students work with human cadavers to explore anatomy, is known for being difficult. She often felt a great deal of stress, she said.

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Talk to legislators, incoming president says

A class of journalism students learned their age group votes less often than any other age group in America.

Jerry Steward, OCCC’s executive vice president, said in a speech April 23 that most people between the ages of 18 and 25 believe their state representatives don’t listen to what they have to say.

Therefore, they figure why bother to vote,” he said. “You should bother because you live in a free country and if you don’t bother, you’re going to lose your free country.”

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Applebee’s not ‘the bees knees’

I don’t get to see my parents very often, but when I do, I like to treat them to lunch.

Just recently they came to visit and while we were out, we decided to stop by Applebee’s located at 4825 NW Expressway in Oklahoma City for some lunch.

Now, before I go about my review, let me just say that I normally pick Chili’s over Applebee’s even though they are almost the same, but Applebee’s was closer.

When we first walked in, it took two hostesses to try and seat us. That should have been our first sign to leave, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt.

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Xbox One brings impressive new features to gaming

Previously I took to our review columns to express my love and also hatred for my Xbox 360. On my birthday in April, with my loving family members’ help, we retired said Xbox 360 and replaced it with a brand new Xbox One.

I was beyond excited, as bringing in this new console meant I would be replacing my barely working, loudly whirring pile of junk with a potentially quiet, properly running machine.

As I unboxed my $350 purchase, I became giddy. Finally I would be able to watch Netflix properly, have access to any game owned for that system and enjoy my down time once again. I’ve had the Xbox One for about three weeks now, and while some slight technical issues have arisen, overall, I am impressed.

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Urbanspoon app delivers

I love food. Fast food, cooked food, food food food – I love it all.

And when I’m out of town visiting friends or family you can bet I’m looking to eat out at a local restaurant.

McDonald’s and Subway are great and all but what could beat a local diner tucked behind an alley or a bar hidden in an underground cellar?

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Bookstore nutbar proves KIND

Typically, I eat breakfast every day, or at least make an effort to eat something before lunch.

One Thursday morning, I had left my house in a rush and started running dangerously low on energy due to the fact that I ran out the door without my usual smoothie. So, I walked down to the college bookstore to find something to hold me over until lunch.

At first, I walked down the junk food aisle with the Pop Tarts, cookies and cereal. I was reaching for the chocolate peanut butter Pop Tarts when all of a sudden, my conscience told me to put them down and keep walking.

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OKC public library celebrates author’s life with movie

The Southwest Oklahoma City Public Library, located on 2201 SW 134th St., celebrates the life and works of author Harold Keith with a movie showing based upon his book “Brief Garland” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 12.

The book was remade in 2006 into a film by Robert Collector and is based on a true story from a 1960s Oklahoma town and the dreams of a local basketball coach.

Keith’s accomplishments are wide-ranging, from being the University of Oklahoma’s first Sports Information Director to publishing more than 20 books for children and adults.

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