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Attitude in college makes an impression

“Every day is an interview,” said Student Employment and Career Services Director Debra Vaughn.

If this is the case, many college students are up the creek without a paddle.

Many times students don’t realize the way they present themselves on campus affects them now, and more importantly, in the future.


Whatever career path one chooses, an important factor across the board is networking — the ability to make good connections that will further one in his or her field. Networking is crucial.

The entire point of college is providing the tools needed to enter a career. Realistically, you never know with whom you’re interacting. That person may be your future employer or have the connections to help you further yourself.

Appearances are everything, as proven by Vaughn’s last few student worker hires.

“In this office, since I have been here, I have hired four student workers, and they were students that came in here to get help in finding a job,” Vaughn said.

“They didn’t come in here to apply for a job in this office but because of the way they conducted themselves with me and my staff, we hired them nearly on the spot.”

People do pay attention and remember those who show professionalism just as much as they remember those who behave like 2 year olds. This is why it’s vital to be wise when you interact with people — other students as well as professors and faculty.

As cliché as it sounds, it really is prudent to treat others the way you would like to be treated — with respect and kindness.