Are smoking laws enforced?

February 24, 2012 Letters to the Editor Print Print

To the Editor:

Every single day I sit in class in the VPAC building, and out the window, I see students go behind the red metal display behind the Arts and Humanities building to take a smoke break.

If it were one smoker, I would think nothing of a student being misinformed to OCCC’s new non-smoking policy on campus.

However, Monday through Friday, it’s student after student going behind the display to get their nicotine fix.

I am curious as to how much money OCCC has pumped into promoting the policy through advertisements, signs, and classes that the school is now “smoke free.”

It’s simply mind boggling to have a policy with an on-campus police force only to have the policy never enforced in the first place.

Since the school is in the habit of wasting money, maybe they should give some of the money back to students, faculty, and staff instead of enacting or promoting policies onto students, faculty, and staff only so they can have a clear conscience about promoting healthy living to outside media and interests.

—Name withheld by request

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