All parking spaces good ones at OCCC

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A huge tip when it comes to parking at OCCC is that parking lot A has the most calls for accidents, crimes, and other parking lot issues, said campus Police Chief James Fitzpatrick.

Although OCCC has very low crime and accident rates, this information gives drivers an incentive to drive a little further and use other lots besides A.

“Parking at Oklahoma City Community College is one of the best,” said J.B. Messer, Facility Management director.

Car thefts have decreased from four in 2009, to three in 2010 three, and only one in 2011, according to OCCC’s Campus Police Department Annual Security Report of 2012.

Messer said many drivers are unaware of the parking lot layout which is arranged inside a circle road.

“You can come onto the campus from three entries,” he said.

Two entries are on May Avenue and the north entrance comes off SW 74th Street.

Because of this circular pattern that surrounds OCCC buildings, there are multiple ways to walk into the buildings to get to your location.

“Wherever you park, you can walk into the buildings from any location, and have access to any part of the building.”

Because many people don’t know this, Messer said, certain parking lots fill up faster.

Some people park in Lot A because they see it first, he said, although there are a variety of places people can park, and get to the same place.

“People tend to park in lot A, and lot C more than any other location on campus, without realizing they can get into the building just as quick or quicker if they would go around to parking lot D, E or F,” Messer said. “Especially lot F; it is the closest to get into the building but yet it is the least utilized parking lot on campus.”

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