All-natural peanut butter ‘glorious’

Peanut butter is always on my grocery list. I’ve always been a Peter Pan peanut butter kind of guy, but I decided to change it up recently.

I decided to buy Smucker’s Natural Creamy peanut butter, found in a 16-oz. glass jar on a shelf among many other plastic jars of peanut butter. I have to admit, the glass jar caught my attention. Nothing speaks “quality” to me quite like a glass jar of natural peanut butter, which costs just over $3 at your local Walmart.

The ingredients are simple: 99 percent peanuts and about 1 percent salt. When they say natural, they mean natural.

I bought some bread and jelly, and called it a sandwich.

Once I opened the jar, I noticed an excessive amount of oil sitting on top of the peanut butter. It’s not something I’m used to seeing when opening artificial peanut butter, so I stirred thoroughly and expected awesome results.

The results were not awesome — the peanut butter was ridiculously goopy. This made me question if I really even enjoy peanut butter. If you have ever put peanut butter in a microwave, you might understand the level of goop this peanut butter was.

I tasted the peanut butter and it was completely different from any other peanut butter I’ve tasted. The taste was more — well, natural — and the texture was very strange. Almost gritty, yet gooey and creamy.

What was I to expect buying natural peanut butter?

I tasted it again with the same off-putting results. I then began removing some of the excess oil to make it less gross.

I thought this would be the end to my experience with natural peanut butter, until I discovered a breakfast miracle. I put the peanut butter on wheat toast, along with slices of bananas with small hints of syrup to compliment the varied flavors.

The results this time were phenomenal. I finally understood how to enjoy Smucker’s Natural Creamy peanut butter and it was glorious.

Pomp and Circumstance played in my head as I took the first bite which was the only bite taken, because I literally stuffed the rest of the sandwich into my mouth.

Overall, I recommend Smucker’s Natural Creamy peanut butter. Just remove the excess oil and stir thoroughly, and don’t be afraid to get creative when making a sandwich.

Rating: B

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