Advisers help college speed up enrollment process

For the second year in a row, professors have been working as academic advisers and helping to speed up the summer enrollment process for students.

Mary Ann Bodine, Academic Advising assistant director, said having faculty advisers working during the summer makes enrollment more convenient for students and helps build staff relationships.

The faculty advisers are available by appointment during regular department hours and advise in all academic areas, Bodine said.

She said students must have declared a major and have completed at least 20- to 25-credit hours in order to meet with a faculty adviser.

“Having the faculty advisers here during the summer makes enrolling more convenient for students who wait until the last minute to enroll,” Bodine said.

She said having the professors in the office helps students avoid long lines in August.

“It’s great for class availability,” Bodine said.

Academic Advising successfully tested this method in summer 2009, she said, and the process made the advising process less chaotic.

Students seemed to like the idea.

“I don’t like waiting in long lines, so summer advising is great for me,” Kara Frair, 18, said.

“I definitely plan on meeting with a faculty adviser this summer,” student Veronica Hernandez said.

Bodine said she believes having the faculty advisers is beneficial for students and is good for the office’s regular staff.

When faculty and regular advising staff work together, she said, they build a stronger relationship.

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