Enrolling early has many advantages

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October and November have been busy months in the Office of Academic Advising. Fall classes are quickly coming to an end, and for those who have not yet enrolled for spring semester, it is important to get enrolled as soon as possible.

Enrolling early allows you to ask important questions and get informed responses. Students often want to know: What classes do I have left to take? Can I take an intersession course? What is online coursework like and is there online help if I have trouble? Can I enroll online? Do I need to test for course placement? When do I apply for graduation? These are all questions the Office of Academic Advising can help you get the answers to.

Reasons to visit the Office of Academic Advising include: confirm or change program or major; request to be assigned to a faculty adviser; get a degree check; write a diversified studies contract; obtain information on career exploration; get help with course selections; get test scores evaluated; establish a personalized education plan; get help with balancing school with life. As always, students can avoid long lines during the heavy enrollment period which is the first few weeks before classes start by choosing classes early.

When you enroll early, there is more class availability for you to choose from, the lines are shorter, and during the semester, faculty are available on campus to help you select your faculty approved electives.

Students who wait until the last minute to enroll may find that class availability at times that are convenient with their work and personal schedules are more difficult to find. Therefore, planning ahead and meeting with an academic adviser now may ensure optimal course placement and course availability.

To set up an appointment to meet with an academic adviser or a faculty adviser call 405-682-7535.


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