Adjunct professor explores minority historical influence

Rachel Morrison/Pioneer
Math Professor Charles Jaronek authors a book entitled “The Giving Trees”. Jaronek’s book tells how minorities have contributed to our country.

Often times we wonder what our professors are like outside the classroom. What exactly do they do in their time off from teaching hundreds of students every day? One OCCC professor uses his time outside of the classroom just as he does in it, spreading knowledge.

Charles Jaronek, science and math adjunct professor at the college, is in the process of adding the final touches on his book “The Giving Trees.”

Jaronek’s book covers the contributions to society made by the many different minority groups within America.

The book delves into the history of each minority group.

African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Native-Americans are the main subjects of the book as he covers an extensive history of their influence in our society today.

“The Giving Trees” has been in the works for approximately two years, Jaronek said. However, the idea came to him about 20 years ago when he completed his dissertation over the perceptions of minority contributions.


Jaronek cites these misconceptions as the driving force that made him want to inform others about what, he said, is a commonly overlooked topic.

“Most people just don’t realize the contributions that these groups have given to us over time,” he said. “I want my book to clear up some of these questions.”

Jaronek notes the importance of these minority groups in his book, highlighting how crucial they are to bringing America where it is today.

“The Giving Trees” is not yet on shelves or even entirely finished, but Jaronek said he anticipates completing it in time for a release date sometime next year.

He said the book is being added to each and every day.

“It’s a process,” he said. “It could be one of those things that [is] never truly completed because of all of the information out there,” Jaronek said. “But final pieces are being put together and it could be on shelves within a year.”

In addition to writing the book, Jaronek is offering students another chance to learn about minority contributions. In collaboration with science professor Ron Scribner, a scholarship opportunity is now available to OCCC students.

The Jaronek-Scribner Scholarship requires students to write a 500-word paper about any one minority group or individual and their contribution to American society.

Along with the essay, students are required to have at least a 2.0 GPA and be committed to completing an associate degree program at OCCC, Jaronek said.

Jaronek and Scribner worked together to offer $1,000 to the scholarship’s recipient. The deadline to apply is Dec. 9.


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