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Absolute, OCCC’s literary and art journal, is now accepting submissions for the 2012 publication. The deadline is Dec. 2. They are looking for works of short fiction, non-fiction essays, poetry, black- and-white photography, and art.

Its main goal is to provide a resource to the arts and the aesthetics of life, said Faculty Adviser Jon Inglett. It also gives artists something to add to their resume.

The journal has been published on campus since 1972. All students are encouraged to submit a piece of work.

“You never know what might happen,” Inglett said.

“You could be pleasantly surprised.”

While the journal is an OCCC publication, anyone in the country can submit work. The submission form is on their website, which it reached by going to the school’s main page and selecting Absolute under Publications.

The form is in PDF form and must be mailed to the Division of Arts and Humanities, or e-mailed to Faculty Adviser Marybeth McCauley.

A ceremony for the next edition of Absolute will be held in April. Students will present their art and read their stories. Those whose work is published will receive a free copy.

Interested students can contact one of the faculty advisers, Jon Inglett or Marybeth McCauley, through the Division of Arts and Humanities or one of the many student advisers listed on the website.

Earlier copies of Absolute are on the website in PDF form from 2002 to present and physical copies from as early as 1972 can be found in the library.

“If you want to see what people were writing in the ‘70s,” Inglett said, “that’s the place to look.”

To contact Amber Giordano, email onlineeditor@occc.edu.

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