Absolute anthology released, seeking student submissions

By Edmund Rocks

Students who want to read literary artistry created by follow students should download the OCCC Absolute.

The Absolute, the college’s literary journal, contains anything from poetry to photography submitted by students and anyone interested. It is the community-driven journal of Oklahoma City Community College that has been published since 1972.

Professor of English at OCCC Marybeth McCauley is the faculty adviser for Absolute. She said a team of student editors work on the journal each year.

“We publish original poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and photography. We accept online submissions from students, members of the community, and anyone who sends in their writing or artwork for consideration,” McCauley said.

McCauley said she hopes after reading the anthology the reader will walk away inspired. 

She said that she hopes they will be inspired to create their own work and submit to Absolute.

“Maybe they will use Absolute as an escape or a connection in these tough times, or as a reminder of how important art and creative expression are to all of us,” McCauley said.

“Besides being a literary and artistic journal, Absolute also serves as a historical record of what was happening at the time of each edition” she said. 

McCauley also said the editors would appreciate work inspired by the times students are living through.

McCauley said the book inspires her to be more creative. She cannot even pick a favorite section of the book because every section is super, she said.

Toby Offiah former OCCC student said discovering Absolute was eye opening to him because he could see the creative side of the people around him when he was a student. Looking at his peers express their creative side inspired him to embrace his creativeness he said.

Offiah said the photography is his favorite part. 

He said he thinks it is impressive when people can maximize on the situation they are in and capture something with a camera that people can admire.

“It is inspiring to me that someone with just a camera and a good idea can create a picture that people will admire for an exceedingly long time. It has made me want to get into media creation,” Offiah said.

Offiah enjoys the community feel of the journal. He said it is cool to see a project put together completely by the community. It shows how much potential the community really has.

“Follow where inspiration leads you. Be confident in your voice, your art, your talent,” McCauley said.

McCauley offered a suggestion for any students who are interested in having their work published.

She said for students to think about how they can connect with their audience, and to think about how they can improve their art or writing and get it as strong as they can.

She also said it is a good idea to look at the latest editions of Absolute. This way students can get a good idea of what is published.

To find Absolute and any information regarding it you can visit www.occc.edu/aeh/absolute.html.