23rd Street Body Piercing clean, pricey

This summer I made the decision to get my nose pierced. I had thought about getting it done for a couple of years but it was something I just never committed to.

While eating dinner with a friend one Friday night, I looked out the window and saw 23rd Street Body Piercing just across the road. I couldn’t resist any longer. We made our way across the street to get my spontaneous piercing.

I told the man at the desk what I wanted done, filled out the paperwork and picked out my jewelry. Within five minutes I was taken back into the room.

Everything was very sanitary. My piercer took time to show me where exactly it was going to go, how the procedure worked and let my friend give input as well.

Having had nearly a dozen ear piercings, I wasn’t nervous. But it was still nice that my piercer made small talk with me while he got things ready and made sure I was comfortable at all times.

The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes. Before I left, my piercer gave me instructions on how to keep my piercing clean and took time to ask if I had any questions. I was then sent off to admire my look.

Overall, my piercing experience from 23rd Street Body Piercing was great. I had received one other piercing from them before and my experience was just as good that time as it was now.

The only drawback is it can get pricey very quickly.

Although the cost of piercing my nose was $25, I had to pay for the jewelry as well. I got the second smallest stud for sale and after leaving a tip for my piercer, I got out of there spending $60 total.

There are cheaper places out there but in my experience, you get what you pay for.

The place was clean, friendly, and you get a private room as opposed to getting pierced out in public like some places do. Overall, the whole night was quick and painless.

I would definitely recommend 23rd Street Body Piercing for anyone who wants a quality piercing.

And, if piercings aren’t your thing, you could always go next door to their sister shop Atomic Lotus and get a tattoo.

Rating: B+

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