Zyrtec has too many side effects

ZyrtecLet me start this review by stating one thing: I have a love-hate relationship with Zyrtec allergy medication.

Springtime is the season of Satan’s pollens and other dusty particles — and when my life transforms into an actual never-ending sneezing hell.

With the sneezing, sniffling, not breathing, headaches, still not breathing, fogginess, taking allergy medication is almost a necessity for me to be even somewhat functional. But, in spite of the miracle pills, there’s always repercussions.

Zyrtec cures me of my foggy brain, sensitive nose and non-stop sneezing  — but it makes me ridiculously sleepy and confused. The bottle may say “non-drowsy” on it, but little did I know that Zyrtec is a complete liar.

More than making me pass out around 8 p.m., it also makes me act weird. If you saw me while on the medication, you would think I’ve been up for the past two days, staring at a wall.

According to everydayhealth.com, the side effects can include: dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, sore throat, cough, nausea, constipation and headache. Oh and confusion. I didn’t see “laughing hysterically at own jokes” listed in there, but it should be. Because I laugh hysterically at my own jokes.

I’ve done more research on user reviews, which has opened my eyes to my current condition. One user’s review on rxlist.com said her son’s attitude toward life had completely changed because of the medicine.

“Within three weeks of beginning this drug, my son went from a happy, curious teenage athlete, who made good grades to being depressed, with no interest in anything, even his favorite sport. Getting him out of bed to go to school became an unprecedented battle daily. He became easily agitated, but his overall outlook on everything was total hopelessness.”

Hmmm, total hopelessness.

I can resonate with that. Maybe I, along with many other people, should avoid taking this allergy medicine. Sure, it may cure me of really annoying symptoms, but is the depression worth it?

Also, it’s like $20 for 30 tablets. But I guess that’s the price for being depressed, sleepy all day and allergy free.

Rating: C

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