Writer looks back as he prepares to graduate

Here we are.

This post will be the one that marks my graduation from OCCC.

I walked through the Main Entry lost and confused in January of 2011. From that moment on, my path was set to learn all that I could from this school.

So what have I learned? What will carry me on to a bigger campus, and brighter life?

Well in Mike Franco’s English Composition One, I learned that I am my harshest critic. There were many times I did not expect much, and was surprised.

In Lisa Buckelew’s College Algebra, I learned sometimes it’s wiser to keep pace than to run off ahead.

As for General Biology with Raul Ramirez, the lesson was sometimes the challenge is the reward.

Nina Smith, in her Film Studies class, taught me emotion and mood are all about framing.

Sue Hinton, in New Writing, taught me that people can’t ignore you if you are in their face.

Joanne Rodgers taught me in Intro to Graphic Design, good designers know their CRAP (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity).

I learned from Tim McMichael in English Composition Two that even strong writers need simple devices.

Tad Thurston’s General Astronomy showed me my exact place in the universe, and demonstrated that something like a bead and a basketball can astound.

In Nathaniel Vanden Brook’s American Federal Government I gained my current definition for the word patriot.

Gwin Falconer-Lippert’s Introduction to Mass Communications removed the curtain from the media for me and later her Introduction to Public Speaking taught me how to put it back for myself.

The trifecta of Paul Sechrist, Marion Paden, and Erin Logan in the President’s Leadership class taught me great leaders follow, a handshake can open doors, and it’s not about credit.

My intercession of Principles of Macroeconomics and Charles Myrick taught me to appreciate the pace of a normal semester and that extremes in collective action hurt general growth.

Stephen Morrow armed me with non-violence, and showed me that collective action is the only way to grow.

Clay Randolph taught me the best stories make the best articles in Magazine Feature Writing.

Rick Lippert in Video Production taught me the value of the resources I have.

Though these 17 people taught me these lessons, there were many more that I learned from friends, colleagues, staff members, and professors that I only met.

Was my time here worth the O-trip?


Would I do it again?


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