Workshops provide students insight for interview skills

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Job skills workshops are being held every Thursday throughout July as a free service through Student Employment and Career Services, said Debra Vaughn, Student Employment and Career Services director.

Workshops are held 12:30 to 1 p.m, Thursdays in the Main Building, Room 1G7.

Subjects covered include internships, interviewing and professional dress.

Vaughn said even though many are unpaid, students can benefit from internships because they are a great way to get into the job market.

“Students should be wary of companies looking for free labor and do their research about internships,” she said. “They should check the origins of the internship.”

A helpful resource for students seeking internships is the Greater Grads website, Vaughn said.

Greater Grads is an organization that provides local jobs and internships to students and graduates seeking jobs.

Upcoming sessions:

• July 15 — Internships
• July 22 — Optimal Interviewing
• July 29 — Professional Dress for Interviewing

WHEN: 12:30 to 1 p.m.

WHERE: Main Building, Room 1G7

INFO: 405-682-7519

“It brings job seekers and jobs together,” she said.

Vaughn said students also can learn valuable tips in the interviewing workshop.

“We can help by letting the student know what to expect during every step of the interview process,” she said.

The workshop focusing on optimal interviewing skills will feature commonly asked questions by employers and common mistakes made in the interviewees, Vaughn said.

“A common mistake is mentioning salary during the first interview,” she said.

The final workshop will focus on professional dress for interviewing.

Vaughn said both women and men should cover tattoos and remove piercings.

A common mistake, she said, is when men wear white socks.

“For David Letterman, it’s fine,” Vaughn said. “But men in an interview should wear dark socks that match the suit or slacks they are wearing.”

She said students who cannot attend the workshops can come to Student Employment and Career Services any time to discuss topics covered in the workshops.

“We can assist students in creating or improving their resume if they are applying for an off campus job or we can help them scan their transcripts if they are applying for a job on campus,” Vaughn said.

For more information about job workshops, internships and other employment oppurtunities, contact Student Employment and Career Services at 405-682-7519 or visit

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