Women in Communications scholarship deadline March 14

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The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) is offering a scholarship for women who are pursuing a degree in a communications-related field. The deadline for applying is March 14, said Mandi Briggs, AWC Chair.

“The scholarship is available to women pursuing a degree in a communications-related field at any Oklahoma college or university,” Briggs said.

Communications fields the AWC considers are public relations, journalism, advertising, photography and speech.

Last year, Briggs said, the recipient was a sign language major.

“Our organization recognizes that the communication field has expanded so it’s not necessarily just speech or just written communications …,” she said.

In addition to majoring in a communications-related field, the student also must be a full-time sophomore, junior or senior at a four-year college or must be beginning postgraduate work.

An exception is the student also can be a sophomore at a two-year college, Briggs said.

To apply, students must submit their most recent college transcript and two letters of recommendation with the application.

“The applicants would need to present a transcript, two letters of recommendation, probably from a professor … so that we can know what their professional experience has been.”

Students also must include a work sample, list of community activities, list of school and internship activities, and a financial statement.

“[The] work sample … could be a news release, a design layout or ad copy …,” she said.

“And then we just want to know a little bit about them — where they’re going to school, their internship activities, any awards they have received, how they’re involved in their community, and then just a little bit about their finances to show that they have need for this.”

Briggs said the AWC realizes some students have more of a financial need than others, which is why a financial statement is required.

A statement about why the student is applying for the scholarship, and a recent, high-color photo must be submitted, as well.

Briggs said the committee takes things like community service and community involvement into account.

“The selection will really be based on aptitude, their interest in a communications-related career, their performance academically, their financial need and … their demonstration of community service.

“Those are all really important values to our organization and we hope that they’re important to the applicant as well,” Briggs said.

She said the application is available online at www.awcokc.org, and can be emailed or sent through U.S. Mail.

“The earlier they submit it, the better, so that I can make sure they have the whole complete package for the scholarship committee to look at,” she said.

Briggs said the winner will be chosen at the end of March. The scholarship will be awarded in May at a luncheon in Bricktown.

Briggs encourages students to take advantage of the scholarship opportunity.

“This is directly related to their field and helps put their name in front of communications professionals that will be making hiring decisions once they graduate or will be looking for interns,” Briggs said.

For more information about the AWC scholarship, visit www.awcokc.org or call Briggs at 405-608-8641.

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