By Gavin Church

Student Life student worker Justin Fields advocates for the community to use the Pokemon scavenger hunt as an easy way to get to know the campus just by walking around.

“It is a scavenger hunt to help students get to know things around campus resources. That they probably would have never known before,” Fields said. 

Many, such as new students, often have no idea where anything is.

“Students need a reason to hop around the campus of course, and so Pokémon is a fun way to have students chase down Pokémon that are going around the school and causing havoc and capturing them,” Fields said.

Here’s how it works. Look out for posters around campus. Sometimes you’ll see one that has something to do with that Pokémon. 

The poster will give instructions for a task within that space before you get to do the next thing in the scavenger hunt.

“There’s also QR codes that they scan, and it’ll give them information about that resource or that location apparatus” Jerome said.

Students while on this scavenger hunt can also find out about other things around campus. 

“Financial Aid or learn about the food closet and our clothes closet in a food pantry and learn about the different things while also having fun,” Fields said.

The students might or might not even care about the scavenger huntbut may appreciate Student Life is giving out free t-shirts if you do the entire Pokémon scavenger hunt. 

“Students may like to play the game. They may like to find out about resources, but what will really get students interested, a free Pokémon Limited Edition t-shirt,” Fields said. 

They put all their hearts into it. The shirt design is of an O-Triple-C logo, but infused with a Pokémon ball.

“One day me and my boss Cody Garrison, we were working and then we ended up taking a break, start playing Pokémon Go,” Fields said of how the idea began. “We were in there playing Pokémon Go going to do some raids, and then we’re like, you know, what would be an awesome way to incorporate Pokémon within Student Life!”

So students now have a reason to go around campus to actually learn how to get to places and learn what is around them.

“Come by Student Life to collect a Pokédex. Once the Pokédex is completed, students can come back to Student Life to trade the Pokédex in for a limited edition OCCC Pokémon T-shirt.  Student Life challenges you to find them all!” an announcement in the What’s Happening @OTripleC email reads.

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Jerome Fields