Wellness Center classes available

Starting July 1, the OCCC Recreation and Fitness department will offer a Group Fitness Pass that allows students to participate in 10 group fitness classes for one low price, said Fitness instructor Khari Huff.

“We offer a group fitness pass to students for $35 for the entire semester,” she said. “[Students] have access to all classes at anytime with this pass.

“This offers them quite a big discount as opposed to paying per class per month and gives them more flexibility with their busy schedules.”

Huff said the fees also cover any equipment needed in order to take the classes.

“The only thing that you have to bring with you is yourself, a water bottle if you want, and a positive attitude to have a good and fun workout.”

Huff said the most popular classes are Zumba and the spinning class.

The Zumba class is a cardio dance class that fuses music and easy to follow moves that everyone can follow along for a fun and exciting workout experience, she said.

Huff said the spinning class is a cardio cycling workout including expert coaches and inspirational music to keep students motivated.

“Our most popular class right now is our spin class,” she said. “This is also the class that is limited in number due to the amount of spin bikes that we have available.”

Theatrical Dance incorporates dance styles like Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Dance mixed with Pilates to make an invigorating workout.

Water fitness classes also are offered Huff said. The Wellness Center offers both shallow water and deep water workouts.

Huff said Cardio Kickboxing class teaches students to defend themselves as well as improves their overall strength and stamina in the process.

Yoga classes also are on the list. Huff said those are slow paced classes that help firm and tone the body in a relaxing environment.

“I try to instill in our student staff as well as students in general how important it is to establish a healthy lifestyle now while they are young,” Huff said. “They will see the benefit in this as they get older.”

To enroll, call 405-682-7860 or enroll online at www.occc.edu/rf.

Office Hours are 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

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